A film with a surprise, Paudy Farm was in a beautiful setting in the heart of Barrow on Soar. The farmhouse was sitting in a six acre plot with paddocks and a splendid courtyard but the weather and the fact the owners were still preparing to move made it truly a challenge to film.

The weather was dull and grey but not too inhospitable as the rain managed to keep at bay all day, a blessing for the film crew. It took some serious effort to make it look natural with such a grey day but the editor warmed the scene up nicely in post to give it a spring morning look rather than the dull winter we are currently experiencing. The surprise was the bar, with it’s Sci-Fi theme, Shaun, the presenter, with Paul as his barman set a country pub scene with a great piece to camera. Trying to get the balance of what is staying and what is going just right to keep the setting interesting and properly framed yet not show too many of the items that would no longer be staying after the sale. Something we believe we got just right.

Enjoy the film and get in touch with Bentons Estate Agents if you are interested in the property.

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