You imagine, we create ...

Aztec Films are a production company in Nottingham, UK launched in 2009. We specialise in corporate films and create promotional videos for businesses of all sizes. We aim to provide a better way for clients to demo their products and the services they offer.

The A-Team

The main team are Shaun Esden, the head presenter and director of our films and Paul Randall who is the chief cameraman and editor. Paul's has had his head behind all kinds of cameras on an amateur an professional basis since he was 14 and Shaun likes to stand right in front to them and has a background in TV, presenting on Sky's "Great Escapes", ITV's "Wish You Were Here?" and various programmes for Carlton TV Studios. They've worked together as partners now on over 400 films here in the UK and abroad.

We can create the majority of corporate films as a dynamic duo but for bigger shoots we hire in a team of professionals to suit the situation, including grips, more cameramen, lighting and sound guys. Our aim is to provide the customer with a great eye-catching film that we are proud of and for the right price and we only bring in more people if it's totally necessary.






We start the process off with an informal chat about what your organisation or company is about, what the requirements of the film would be in order to create a project brief and stimulate your imagination. Our job is to help you sell what you do so it's not necessary to overcomplicate it. We'll explain what we mean when we meet you.


The brief is the complicated bit. We go through our notes and information you provide and discuss between us what we believe from a consumer's point of view what would keep the viewer's attention and sell your services to them. Every company is a little different and we aim to get over what your unique selling point is.


Turning up to site to film your company or project we always start with a brainstorm and check the site for the best places to film. Any interviewees will be briefed to make sure they are ready and understand what they are going to talk about, we always put them at ease as we understand it's not easy for many people to stand in front of a camera.


We are as professional in the edit suite as we are on set but we always try to keep it upbeat and interesting. We again discuss the edit together and if there are any motion graphics required that's worked on prior to the edit and incorporated into the finished video. Every Aztec Films corporate film or promotional video requires that unique touch and we aim to deliver.