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It’s been an interesting day for us here at Aztec Film Productions. After talking to Scott, the marketing Director at he expressed his interest in our presenter led property film service and asked me to write a piece explaining how our company got into the property film business. Well I really couldn’t resist so I sent over the following post.

The introduction regarding our property film service from Scott

Have you ever considered adding a film to your online listing when advertising your property for sale? Well here is a guest post submitted by Shaun Esden, Director of Aztec Film Productions which may just help.

Here’s the post I sent him

Aztec Film Productions – Property Films Your property on film Courtesy of Aztec Film Productions.

Well it’s been a very hectic few weeks since the decorations & Christmas trees came down for Aztec Films, for various and obvious reasons people don’t want their properties filming during the festive break.

Just to give you some background, I used to present such programmes as “Wish You Were Here”, “Great Escapes” & ITV’s Carlton Food Network. My passion has always been presenting but also property, so cutting a very long story short (it is a blog and not my memoirs after all!) I set up the first ‘Presenter Led’ films for selling property in the UK. I felt that all the usual things like 360 tours and films with classical music playing in the background over moving photos (Ken Burns as they are known) couldn’t give the prospective purchaser a real idea or feel for the property, so let’s present them as if it were a TV programme. And so it started, I’ve got a great crew behind me, or should I say in front of me and we have filmed everything from an £85 thousand terrace house up to (so far) a £4 million mansion, and all done with the same passion and commitment. You see the ‘headline’ photograph but if people don’t read ALL the details things like ‘wine cellar’, ‘planning consent for a third floor’, ’10 thousand pounds of Media centre’ etc can often get missed, but not when I point them out to you in a film.

Here’s an example of one of the films. Wisker Hollow, Ulverscroft, Leicestershire. Also of course, because we put the films on YouTube as well as the selling agent’s website (the agent then puts them on etc) we can put all the ‘tags’ in to draw viewers in, we even had a client fly from Qatar to view a property in Loughborough because his nephew was due to start at the University there and he had put Loughborough into YouTube.

It also works the other way of course, we have flown out to film people’s property abroad whether for sale or for rent, this however can be cost prohibitive to some people (although groups of property from an agent works), so we came up with doing “Blue Screen” films for those clients in the not so nice setting of our studio, but here’s how they look: A truly superb farm house for sale in Catalunya, ‘Mas de Pinaret’ Anyway, I hope this has given you a little insight into property filming, I hope you enjoyed the films and the blog, and till next time, keep enjoying the property industry, and who knows I could be knocking on your door to film your place next!