Borleys Mini Mix

and Builders Merchants are a company with a unique way of providing you with ready mixed concrete and they wanted to share that with the world by commissioning a film from Aztec Films. They have this unique borrowing service where they actually help you barrow your concrete to your filling area and even help you rake it afterwards. The clean up after themselves too. No mess, no waste, no fuss.

It was a proper challenge to film this fantastic service as they don’t hang around. Getting set up for the next angle you have to be quick as we were filming on a live concrete drop. Shows how well the Aztec film crew get prepared but nothing could prepare for this kind of speed but we got in there and came out with a film we are, as always proud of.

An overview of the business was explained in an interview with the owner Kev Borley and we set up a great view of just some of the vehicles behind him. We had to coordinate with several vehicle drivers at a time which was a challenge for both Cameraman and Director. But the coordination went well and we shot that scene in one take. Paul then shot Shaun on several pieces to camera introducing the company and we went around the business shooting every good angle we could find and based on our pre-shoot rec. we covered all the bases. In the edit suite it all came together to make this an informative, interesting and impressive film that Kev and the Borleys team are delighted with and very proud of.

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