Jacky Ashworth

Here at Aztec Films we always enjoy a little variety and as they say variety is the spice of life. The fabulous music, sun sea and sand made it an absolute pleasure to create a promotional film for the amazingly talented Jackie Ashworth a fabulous Mediterranean musician. With talents for various woodwind and brass instruments including the saxophone, flute and clarinet as well as an amazing singing voice and creative songwriting talent Jackie had a myriad of songs to perform and always had a packed audience enjoying the wine and the atmosphere.

The film was shot over three days floating between the Algarve Portugal and the Costa De La Luz in Spain. We braved the difficulties of shooting in front of live audiences every day then heading off to the Pezinhos n’areia bar and restaurant for a quiet and atmospheric interview.

All members of the Aztec team are fully accustomed to the challenges of shooting abroad as we have filmed property in Southern France and Shaun Esden our presenter and interviewer spent many a year working as a presenter on Wish You Were Here? and Great Escapes during the height of the holiday programme popularity so this project felt very much like a fabulous experience of deja-vu.

Jackie was obviously used to playing in front of huge audiences regularly and has been in front of cameras before as she’s appeared on music videos but interviews were something very new to her. With a little direction and a glass of bubbly she stepped into the interviewee role comfortably and was fabulous.

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